Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Project Continued

I decorated this wooden bin for an auction to support a local children's museum. I first primed and painted the box. I used a combination of a couple of different blue paints with some green and white. I then added some designs with yellow and pink. On top of the paint, I cut out and glued on seaweed and clouds using decorative paper. I drew fish and bubbles on drawing paper with colored pencil, and then cut those out and glued them on. I created a quilled paper design on one bubble on each side of the bin. I added a clear coat over everything. The finishing touch was to glue clear acrylic coasters over the quilling to project the designs.

Summer Project

I was asked to decorate a storage bin for the local children's museum (The Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor). They asked a variety of local artists to turn the wooden bins into works of art which they will auction off in November to raise money for the museum. I had my little baby boy on July 20th, so this is the only project I have completed this summer!